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This plugin allows you to create nice “notes” like this in your DokuWiki pages

для админа


When you have it installed, use this :

This is my note ! Remember it!!

<note important>
Warning ! You're about to lose your mind ;-)

<note tip>
The clues are in the images.

<note warning>
Beware of the cat when you open the door !!

You can use the note keywords important, warning and tip. Or some French synonyms: importante(important), bloquante, critique (warning), tuyau, idée (tip), classique (classic). It is quite easy to add new types of notes if you know a bit of PHP and CSS.


Plugin won't work inside numbered list

It also doesn't appear to work within a folded section using the «Folded» plugin.

Correction: The syntax is as follows:

=== Note ===
++++Note dans un Folded|
<note critique>
Ça fonctionne seulement avec le //div// pas le //span//.

Note dans un Folded

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